Matas’ impact on society

Since 1949, Matas has been an acclaimed provider of safe products and trustworthy advice – both on our house brands, such as the Matas Stripes, and on the close to 50,000 other products that our customers find on the shelves of the webshop,, or in one of the 260 physical Matas stores.

Until a very few years ago, virtually all direct contact with Matas’ customers took place in the physical stores throughout Denmark, but in recent years the digital business has taken off to a point where it now accounts for about a quarter of the just over 22 million annual transactions, in record time becoming Denmark’s second-most widely used webshop.

Our customers, predominantly women, generally have great confidence in the advice they get from Matas’ trained health & beauty therapists on products in the health, beauty and well-being categories, whether high-end luxury items or everyday products. Our webshop largely offers the same advisory services, for example video advice and tutorials by trained beauty and health therapists or pharmaconomists seven days a week. In addition to Matas’ strong advisory services, our customers’ confidence has to do with the fact that Matas has been proactive in terms of regulatory requirements such as GDPR, recycling and reduction of plastics, chemical substances in products, etc. and, by no means least, society’s and the consumers’ general expectations of the integrity of Matas.

Matas Group has evolved into a digital business, and we expect to double online sales within the next four years. Achieving this will require major ongoing product range expansion in, among other categories, health products. These ambitions will also require a more sustainable development of online sales than previously, and to this end Matas has selected a number of areas in which to strengthen the Company’s impact on the climate, the environment, labour conditions, human rights and general governance.