Matas Hjertesager

Matas is Denmark's largest beauty, personal care, healthcare and health products retailer, and as such, in close touch with a large section of the Danish population. Matas interacts with customers through its 269 physical stores across the country and via its webshops:,,,, etc. Matas also regularly distributes communications and marketing material to the more than 1.4 million active members of Club Matas.

While the Group’s CSR strategy naturally builds on Matas’ purpose and widespread contact with Danish consumers, it also helps Matas manage responsibly the impact it has on its surroundings and honours the role it has been fortunate to develop over the past more than 70 years as a trusted adviser to large numbers of the Danish population, often on personal and sensitive issues.

It is on this basis that Matas has defined three main priorities which constitute the core of the Group’s CSR strategy:

Matas promotes these three main priorities through business initiatives, own-channel communications, collaboration with customers and strategic partnerships with selected partners, including interest organisations and NGOs.